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TERRENCE P. DWYER The Law Office of Terrence P. Dwyer General Counsel Education Certificate in Labor Studies, Cornell University Fordham University, Bachelor of Arts 1985 Pace University School of Law, Juris Doctor 1991 Bar Admission State of New York, February 19, 1992 State of Connecticut, December 6, 1991 United States District Court, Southern District of New York, September 1, 1992 United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, September 1, 1992 United States Supreme Court, May 18, 1998             
Law .Enforcement .Employees .Benevolent .Association

The Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association

JOSEPH F. BUONO, ESQ. Of Counsel Joe Buono is a graduate of The George Washington University and The George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C., where he focused his studies on administrative law and procedure.  Following law school, Joe served as a law clerk at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C., and while there participated in a variety of projects focused on environmental law issues both in the United States and around the world.  Since that time, Joe has been in private practice in New York with a principal office in Dutchess County.  Joe focuses his practice on family law, criminal defense, estate planning and probate.  Joe also serves in an of counsel role to a regional law firm based in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Joe has been working with LEEBA since 2014, and in that capacity has represented the union in both state and federal court, provided guidance on the interpretation of state and federal regulations and worked with other LEEBA attorneys handling disciplinary matters on behalf of members. Joe is licensed to practice law in New York and Virginia, and is admitted to the bar of the Southern District of New York.
Mr.    Dwyer    served    in    law    enforcement    for    twenty-four years,    seventeen    and    one-half    of    which    were    as    an Investigator   with   the   New   York   State   Police   Bureau   of Criminal    Investigation.        During    his    time    with    the    State Police    he    received    over    twenty-five    commendations    for police    service,    many    of    which    came    for    his    work    on homicide   cases,   organized   crime   and   gang   investigations.     His   assignments   within   the   State   Police   included   several years   in   prestigious   units   such   as   the   Special   Investigations Unit and the Major Crimes Unit. Mr.    Dwyer    is    past    publisher    and    editor    of    The    Police Liability   Report   of   New   York .      He   has   published   over   50 articles   pertaining   to   law   enforcement   issues,   several   of them    focusing    on    law    enforcement    liability    and    use    of force   issues.      In   addition   to   the   articles   he   has   authored   and published   through   his   law   firm   a   booklet   entitled   A   Law Enforcement   Delegate’s   Guide   to   Handling   Disciplinary Cases   in   New   York    and   is   the   author   of   the   textbook   Legal Issues   in   Homeland   Security,   published   by   LooseLeaf   Law Publications.  Mr.   Dwyer   was   an   adjunct   professor   of   Law   and   Criminal Justice   at   Mercy   College   in   Dobbs   Ferry,   New   York   from 1995    until    2005.        Since    2007    Mr.    Dwyer    has    been    a Professor   of   Legal   Studies   in   the   Division   of   Justice   and Law      Administration      at      Western      Connecticut      State University.      He   was   a   principal   member   in   the   law   firm   of Jordan   &   Dwyer   until   2007   when   he   opened   The   Law Office   of   Terrence   P.   Dwyer.      The   firm   concentrates   its practice    in    the    representation    of    police    officers,    law enforcement   unions   and   private   security   as   well   as   real estate,   estate   planning   and   administration   and   related   civil matters. 
Additionally,   he   has   been   consulted   by   prosecutors,   news outlets,     law     enforcement     agencies,     and     retained     by litigation   teams   as   an   expert   in   police   procedures.      The areas   of   public   and   private   sector   law   enforcement   liability and   misconduct,   law   enforcement   disciplinary   process,   use of   force   issues,   Fourth   Amendment   and   privacy   issues,   and critical   incident   policy   are   of   special   interest   and   research focus. As    a    lecturer    Mr.    Dwyer    has    been    requested    to    give presentations   to   trade   associations   such   as   the   American Society    of    Industrial    Security    Westchester    County    and Hudson     Valley     Chapters,     regional     law     enforcement training   seminars,   security   company   training   groups   and local   organizations.      He   has   been   an   invited   lecturer   at   the prestigious      law      enforcement      management      training programs   of   the   University   of   Louisville's   Southern   Police Institute,    Northwestern    University's    Center    for    Public Safety      and      the      Institute      for      Law      Enforcement Administration   in   Plano,   Texas.      Mr.   Dwyer   has   been   the police   liability   and   litigation   columnist   for   PoliceOne.com since   2008.      The   areas   of   public   and   private   sector   law enforcement    liability,    risk    management    and    assessment, law   enforcement   disciplinary   process   and   critical   incident policy are of specialized interest and focus.   Mr.   Dwyer   has   provided   representation   to   L.E.E.B.A.   since 2005.      His   duties   as   an   attorney   for   L.E.E.B.A.   has   ranged from   representing   the   association   before   the   City   of   New York    Office    of    Collective    Bargaining    to    assisting    with contract   negotiations,   E.E.O.   matters   and   the   handling   of all police officer disciplinary cases for L.E.E.B.A.